I teach women in the spiritual, holistic and wellness industry how to consistently manifest 5k months through a culturally ethical approach.

Spirituality and Cultural Appropriation

I decided to incorporate Indigenous teachings into my business when I realized the need for it! So many women in this industry are sourcing their materials from unethical sources, are appropriating the culture and want to learn how to be up to a culturally ethical industry standard. Through my business I not only teach you about the culture, and how to support Indigenous businesses – I teach you how to have an aligned and soulful business.

My 1:1 Program

My services offered include a 8 week course where I work one-on-one with you to grow and monetize your Instagram account. Each week we have a one hour phone call, and you have unlimited access to messaging me as many questions along the way as you would like. After the training you can also reach out to me anytime and will be updated about algorithm changes and influencer opportunities. In addition, you will also have full access to a private Facebook group with Instagram growth strategies, webinars and more.

As a bonus alongside the technical work, each week I will also provide you with manifestation techniques, and exercises that the most successful people (millionaires, CEOs and entrepreneurs) use in their everyday lives to keep a positive mindset and accomplish their goals.

Spots fill up very quickly! For more information and to apply to work with me fill out the application here

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Premium Instagram Engagement Services

Need help growing your Instagram with real, targeted followers? Want to generate leads and sales for your business effortlessly? Don’t have the time to find your ideal clients?

My premium engagement services are specialized and use only the best up-to-date algorithmic strategy. This one-of-a-kind service tracks your leads, engages, gives you a full hashtag guide, and grows your following for you. To apply for these services here fill out the form here.

The Miigwetch Mastermind

The Miigwetch Mastermind is a unique and culturally ethical approach to learning about business, manifestation and spirituality. Not only will you be surrounded by soulful ambitious women – you will be part of a movement to start supporting women of colour in this industry. All of the guest speakers will be women of colour, Indigenous teachings and spirituality will be incorporated, and a portion of the proceeds will be going towards an Indigenous organization. This mastermind is for EVERYONE and I encourage all women go through this program to learn about ethical practices when growing your business.

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