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How to create scroll-stopping Instagram posts

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Today I wanted to talk about how to create posts on Instagram that will get you the best engagement and that will make your followers go “Oh man I need to stop and read this!”. If you are struggling with engagement, captions, and creating the perfect caption then you have come to the right place!

When creating an Instagram post you really need to be giving VALUE to your audience. You want 75% of your posts to be helpful for your followers and the other 25% to be about you so that you are building like, know and trust with your followers. For example as an Instagram and Mindset coach the majority of my posts are about my audiences most pressing questions about Instagram and other posts are facts about me that my followers can relate with.

Other things to keep in mind when creating your post is that images of your face or of you will get 38% more likes. (According to Sprout Social) So if you have a very important announcement or challenge for your business that you want others to know about you should be using a picture of yourself to get the most attention to that post.

Last but not least before we get into the caption itself – its important to be posting at the right time where the majority of your audience is online and you are going to get the most engagement. You can see what time would be best to post at by going to Your Insights –> Audience –> Followers (at the bottom) –> and then clicking to see what time on which days is best.

Step 1: The Headline

When creating your captions you want the first line to be a scroll stopper. For example, a line I could use is “How I get 1k followers a month” – not only does this provide value but it is attention grabbing to make your followers stop. I also recommend using this site to bold or change the font of this headline to truly grab your readers attention.

Step 2: The Content

You want your caption to be short, helpful and as to the point as you can get. When creating personal posts and making connections these may be longer but generally I find people on Instagram want a caption they can easily read and gain value from. I would suggest separating your points into bullets and separating the statements with spaces, emojis or dots (you can see how I do it on my account here). This makes your caption look neat and professional and gets your main points across. Remember: You want to be delivering value that makes your audience think “wow I can’t believe they are giving this information away for free”

Step 3: The Call to Action

Finally, you want to end your post by guiding your reader to the next step. Don’t just leave them hanging! Direct them to your DMs, a site, or to the link in your bio. For example at the end of my ‘How I get 1k followers a month’ post I could say “Join my free Facebook group for more helpful tips like this. Link in bio”

Once you are done and your post is uploaded be sure to use the airplane symbol under your post to upload it directly onto your story. Once the photo is on your story be sure to let your followers know the value of checking out your post. For example I would say “How I get 1k followers a month!” I would then use the gif that says “Click here!”. This grabs your followers attention in their stories and lets them easily click onto your photo through the story.

I hope you found these tips helpful and if you use them be sure to tag me @gracecswain ! I would love to check them out. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out and send me a DM as well – now go out and rock them with your amazing posts!

Which tip did you find the most helpful? Comment down below!

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