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The Lowdown on Crystals

With the uprise of holistic and spiritual wellness and naturopathic medicine crystals tend to be a common topic. You see them in stores, online, on social media – but what exactly do they represent and how do they work? Well if you came to my blog to learn all about crystals I am here to tell you that you have come to the right place.

Before I get started I would just like to note that I have partnered with Prana Water Bottles for this post! Prana Bottles are a small business that sells water bottles with crystals in them – they are beautiful, chalk full of healing properties and cleanse your inner and outer spirit. If you would like to go and check them out you can do so at www.pranabottle.com and use my code ‘GRACE’ to get a water bottle for only $39.99 at the checkout.

Now without further ado, lets jump in!

What exactly are crystals? Crystals are different from just any old rock – they are made up of of a repeated pattern of molecules that come together to emit a frequency. These frequencies are what are known to have healing properties and can be activated by simply holding them. Not only are they pretty – but they can promote spiritual, physical and emotional healing.

What Kinds of Crystals are there?

There are several different kinds of crystals but I will just introduce a few of my favourites.

☾ Connects you with your higher intuition. ☾ Is known for balance, clarity, and serenity. ☾Helps to stabilize emotions and enhances creativity ☾Also known as the “travellers stone” and will protect you on your journeys! ☾ Enhances mood ☾Fights bacteria

Black Obsidian: ↠ Is a very powerful stone ↠ Helps to break through past traumas and emotional blocks to bring clarity, higher awareness, and strength ↠ Blocks panic attacks ↠ Shields you against negativity

Clear Quartz: ✽ Is the most pure of the stones, inviting white, pure, healing light and divine energy into your life. ✽ Known as the “master healer”, healing anything from physical to emotional and spiritual ailments. ✽ Promotes total mental clarity and increases your connection with the infinite wisdom.

Rainbow Fluorite: ☼ Associated with the heart chakra, and promotes healthy relationships and sexual intimacy. ☼ Can have a positive affect on your mood and mental state. Heightens mental abilities and brings mental clarity ☼ Is overall good for healing the body. ☼ Promotes spiritual and psychic development, protection, and brings inner peace

Rose Quartz: ♥ All you need is love when it comes to the Rose Quartz stone ♥ Opens your heart chakra, which will attract harmony and balance in your relationships. ♥ Promotes self-love, positive friendships, and romantic love. ♥ Blocks negative emotions to bring deep inner peace.

Do Crystals Work?

Quartz is used in almost every kind of technology through emitting a vibrational energy – and humans reap the benefits in a similar way. A study conducted by scientist Marcel Vogel showed that crystals changed their shape based on our thought patterns and what we thought about. In addition, Albert Einstein even said that everything in life has a vibration. What this means is that our thoughts, crystals, and actions all have a vibration that attracts a similar energy to itself. For example, when you are having a great morning your entire day tends to go that way. This is because you are emitting a positive frequency vibration, and as a result the universe responds happily to that. In contrast, when you are having a bad morning and you spill coffee on yourself your whole day ends up being off. Therefore, every crystal has different properties and by selecting the right one you too can experience the healing benefits from these energies. In all, however, the best way to find out if crystals work is to test them for yourself! Go check out Prana water bottles, select a bottle that resonates with you and your needs, and see the results. Thank you for supporting a local business, and I will see you next week on Anishinaababe!

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What is your favourite kind of crystal? Leave it in the comments down below!

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