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Top 10 Books That Have Been Inspiring Me Lately

Why hello hello!

Welcome to my first post in 2019! (Yay us!)

I have been putting a lot of thought into what I want my blog to be about this year and what I want to accomplish. With the new year, I have decided to change my blog name and focus on health and wellness. To me, this means mental, spiritual and physical wellness. I want to help others realize their goals and manifest their dreams. I want to teach others how to also have a healthy and positive mindset. I want to inspire. And most importantly I want my blog to bring value to other peoples lives.

So today I am starting to do that.

I find that we all get too caught up in social media, or what other people are doing in their lives. We are too busy comparing ourselves to others that we forget to live in the now. Do you ever feel like that? Because I sure know I do sometimes! So this year I started reading books to bring me back into my healthy mindset. I read books about millionaires, Christians, Munks… dreamers. And I just had to share these books with the world to help other people the way they have helped me. So without further ado, please enjoy my list of books that have been inspiring me lately.

  1. The Secret of Your Naturally Skinny Friends

This book, written by Monica Swanson, is all about having the diet everyone only dreams of having. Except she explains how you actually can eat whatever you want and be happy while doing it. She explains step-by-step how to achieve the positive mindset of all of your naturally skinny friends. I love this book because she shares her personal struggles with body image and weight gain. She advocates for self-love and positive self-talk and I think we could all use more of that. Click the link above to buy it now from Amazon for only $9! (I personally love using the free Kindle app on my phone and laptop to read books)

2. The School of Greatness

The School of Greatness is written by Lewis Howes – who is personally one of my favourite influencers of all time. Lewis Howes went from living on his sisters couch with nothing to building a multimillionaire-dollar online business. He has been on Ellen, on Forbes top 30 under 30 list, has his own podcast, and over 1M followers on Instagram. Through spreading positivity and the power of a positive mindset this book teaches you everything no-one ever taught you in school. Lewis interviewed olympic gold medalists, CEOs, actors, and developed a book highlighting what successful people have learned and do to become who they are today. This book teaches you how to master the habits and mindsets used by the greats and provides you with the resources in order to do so. Click the link above to purchase this book for $11.99!

3. The Secret

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne has always been one of my all-time favourite books so I just had to throw it in here. I re-read this book every year to keep me in line with my goals, and let me tell you – this book has changed my life. The Secret is all about developing and mastering a particular outlook that has been used for over centuries. Used by Cleopatra, politicians, actors/actresses, millionaires, musicians… it is all about unlocking the Secret to life that no-one has ever told you. Click the link above to purchase this book for $15.99!

4. How To Win Friends And Influence People

This book is actually one that my mom got me for Christmas – and not because I struggle with making friends. I actually am a very outgoing person, but I am in business and my mom knew that I would love this book because to be successful, life is all about making connections. Even if you don’t have a business mind I put this book in here because life is all about connections whether we realize it or not. How boring would life be if we had no friends or family? Plus I think this book really connects well with the other ones I have already listed above. Click the link above to purchase this book for $0.73!! (Yes, you read that right 73 cents)

5. Tessa and Scott

Okay, Okay I know – I am so Canadian! But I just absolutely adore these too. I had the privilege of seeing Canada’s sweethearts live in London, ON and I had to buy this book immediately afterwards. In this book Tessa and Scott: Our journey from childhood dream to gold you learn all about how these two-time Olympic gold figure skaters became who they are today. Complete with their life lessons, and pictures of young Tessa and Scott (too cute!) you really do learn a lot about how dreamers make their dreams into a reality. I think anyone would benefit from this book whether you are a figure skater or not. Click the link above to purchase for $19.68!

6. Islands of Decolonial Love

If you want to inspire change in Canadian history you should read this amazing contemporary collection of Indigenous poems by writer and activist Leanna Simpson. She is Anishinaabe from the Turtle Clan and is a complete badass. This book was recommended to me by my sister and she said readers should open their mind with this book and learn more about Indigenous Peoples. I definitely approve of this read. Click the link above to purchase for $15.20!

7. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F***

This book is the ultimate novel for people who want real, raw, advice about living a happy life. Mark Manson does not sugar coat anything in this novel and believes that being happy is recognizing that we are not all perfect, and that that is okay. He believes we need to take in and accept our vulnerabilities, and weaknesses in order to become awesome human beings. So if the books already listed seem too ‘hippy-dippy’ (I proudly accept this term) for you, then I strongly recommend this read. Order now for $13.19!

8. Daily Kindness: 365 Days of Compassion

This book is one that I purchased from Coles a few months ago and man did it ever live up to its expectations! It is not a novel but a book chock full of quotes. And if you know your girl, you know that I live for the quotes. If I am ever in need of guidance, truth, or inspiration I pull quotes from this book. My favourite part about this book is that it categorizes each month with a certain topic such as ‘gratitude or forgiveness’ . Thus, allowing you to find what you need at the right time. Not to mention, all of the photos are accompanied by National Geographic photography to keep you inspired all yeaarrr loonngg y’all. Order now for $14.98

9. High Performance Habits

Written by Brendon Burchard, High Performance Habits is actually a book that was recommended to me by my mom. We are both distributors of Young Living Essential Oils and the company is a big advocate and supporter of Brendon Burchard. So much so that they have featured him on webinars, invited him to guest speak, and gave copies of this book to participants at a 2018 convention. But no matter what venture you’re pursuing, these habits will definitely get you thinking and put you on the right track. The book is based on one of the largest conducted surveys on high performances and narrows it down to 6 routines. These habits are believed to be the top practices for long-term success no matter your age, gender, career, strength or personality. Based on science and extensive research each habit comes with daily do-it-yourself practices and real-life examples of people using them. Read it now for $17.99

10. Go Pro: 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional

Have you ever wondered how people connect with others so easily? How business professionals seem to know everyone? Well actually, Eric Worre has this stuff down pact.
I am part of a group, in my home town, called SWIB (Sault Women In Business) and women in the group talk about this book all the time. In this book, he reveals step-by-step how he developed the perfect guidebook to teach you how to become a network marketing professional. This book teaches you things like how to find prospects, invite them to your product or opportunity, present your product, follow up with your prospects and so much more. Own it now for $8.94

BOOM. Just like that, you have now received 10 books that will change your mindset, life and hopefully allow you to achieve your dreams. If you happen to read any of these let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to tag me in your posts if you are reading them! (@gracecswain) 🙂

Which of these books would you be interested in reading? Let me know in the comments down below!

PSA: None of these books are sponsored.

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  1. I love love love book posts! These all sound great, I will head to my library soon 🙂 Great post! 🙂 x

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