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What This Turkey Is Thankful For

Hello hello!

I posted on my Instagram the other day asking you all if you would be interested in reading a post about my reading week and 88% of people said yes! (sorry not sorry to the other 12%). I thought it would be so cool to share my time back home, so without further ado here is the breakdown of what went down on my “study” break.

My reading week was from October 6th to the 14th. I live 7 hours away from my hometown which means I would usually take a train to Toronto where I’d catch a plane back home, but this year my friend offered to have me carpool with her! This was amazing because it was over half the price to head back home. So we left at 7 am to make the treck back. During my first few days back I celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family. (I am Canadian, so our Thanksgiving dinner was on the 8th) They live out in the beautiful countryside of where I am from so I, of course, took the opportunity to capture some family moments.

Going from left to right is my mom Sara, my sister Victoria, my aunt Leslie, my cousin April,  my grandma Lorraine and of course me!

While at my aunts, my sister and I had a mini photo shoot to show off my dress I had bought at a local store back home called Krush. This is a picture of my boyfriend Tyler (right) and my younger cousin James (left) being bored out of their minds while we were taking pictures. Haha, sorry boys!

This is a photo of my younger cousin April and I. She is the cutest! We love doing each other’s hair and painting our nails together. Time with her and James is so precious! So thankful to have them in my life. She is like the younger sister I never had (since I’m the youngest out of 5) Also, shoutout to my sister Victoria for taking all these pictures of me. The creator/God/Universe really does bless us with the people placed into our lives.

I of course also had to snap a pic of my dog Suzie-Q and myself! A lot of people think she is ugly, but I think she’s so ugly she’s cute. While I was home I took her on some runs with me (and yes, this little dog can run and she looovees it!). As soon as I am in my running gear and start to put my running shoes on she starts jumping on me and is so excited! It’s crazy how she only does this when she somehow knows I am going on a run. Dogs are so smart, empathetic and truly are therapeutic. I miss her so much while I’m at school.

I had to grab a headshot in this dress so that you could see the detailing in the design. This dress reminds me of the Renaissance era with a modern twist. I am also wearing the glasses that I got from Zenni Optical, who by the way has crazy good deals. Had to mention that for any of my beauties who know the struggle with wicked glasses prices. #notsponsered – I just love this dress and these glasses, lol. But seriously though, glasses for $30 with the prescription. Okay, sorry sorry I’m done.

During the next few days after Thanksgiving, I spent time with my sister, mom, and sweetheart. On one of the days, his aunt and uncle invited me to participate in a ‘5k Glow run’ with them in Michigan! I love running, my boyfriend, and things that glow (I’m a kid at heart and glowsticks still easily entertain me) so of course I said yes. This was my first time meeting Tyler’s aunt and uncle and they are honestly so genuine and friendly. His uncle made us laugh the whole time and his aunt is so kind and ran with me the entire race. His aunt is actually a fantastic photographer if you want to check out her Instagram profile too: @captured_by_kimberly 🙂

A few days after the glow run, my sister Victoria, Tyler and I went to a corn maze! Ahhh I don’t know about you but I love corn mazes in the fall, and it’s the only time of the year we can go. Before the corn maze, we went to H&M where my sister bought this fabulous jacket. This was taken at the entrance, and I had to stop her and tell her to pose because she looked so beautiful in this lighting. (but she always looks beautiful regardless of the lighting). We snuck in a visit to the maze before we had to go across the river to Michigan and watch my mom play in her band ‘Fancy That!’ which was also a great performance.

Once you enter the farm there is a petting zoo and an old building with pumpkins for sale.

My sister and I at the entrance of the corn maze. Shoutout to my boyfriend for taking pictures of my sister and I. You are the real MVP.

Just me casually holding my pumpkin baby.

While I was home visiting on Thanksgiving my sister and I were sitting on the couch. She was thinking about all of the things she is thankful for and just turned to me with tears in her eyes. She told me how happy she is that we are sisters and how lucky we are to be able to spend this life together. That was definitely one of the most special moments I have had with her. I am so thankful to have her and my sister Tanya in my life.

Oh hey there. Just a casual picture of me staring at the sun, with the UV rays destroying my retinas. Totally kidding. I was not directly staring at the sun – but you gotta do what you gotta do to get those candid pictures.

Tyler took this photo. He is such a talented photographer.


Awww, my boyfriend is so cute. I love him so much. Sorry for being so ‘corn-y’ haha, see what I did there? Just kidding, please don’t unsubscribe because I said that. While I was home he actually planned the cutest night ever for me since he won’t be able to see me on my birthday or for quite a while actually. He made us cookies and bought pumpkins for us to carve. Then he put on one of my favourite movies of all time, Beauty and the Beast and afterwards gave me a rose ring. He also gave me a rose in a dome like in the movie, it lights up and everything! I think everyone needs a Tyler in their lives.

The last thing I did before I headed back to London was have a Thanksgiving dinner with my sister Tanya. We had an amazing meal and it was still delicious even though it was my third turkey dinner (not complaining I could eat turkey for dayyyss)

My nephew is so adorable. This is a shot of him peeling potatoes for the dinner. He always gives the biggest hugs and is one of the most caring people I know. He is always trying to help out his friends and family and is so loving.

Oh! I almost forgot. My mom, my friend Ava and her mom, and I all went to watch this phenomenal band, “Soulpepper”. The performance was a tribute to the ’27 Club’ and featured hit songs from Amy Winehouse, Jimmi Hendrix and so many others who left us at the age of 27. The singers were so talented and took such a unique twist on the songs. I was so happy to be able to spend some time with my friend Ava while I was home, and would love to include some photos of us but I am saving that for another post in the future.

Thank you so much for reading about my break and supporting my blog! Leave a comment below on what your favourite thing to do in the fall is. Stay beautiful, keep it positive and remember to enjoy the little things. 

-With love,

Grace 🙂

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  1. Victoria Swain says:

    Ahhh, you are so cute! Miss you like crazy little sister 🙂 No one can make me laugh like you do! Love you Grace, xoxoox

    1. beuniful says:

      aww love you Victoria! 🙂

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