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My Most Embarrassing Moments

Why hello hello!

For all of you students in need of a study break I thought I would make a fun post for you. Because who doesn’t want to read about my embarrassing moments and laugh at them with me? Well, I’m sorry to say they aren’t as exciting as you may hope but I promise they will make you laugh. So sit back, relax and enjoy my embarrassing moments

Hide and no-seek

Little blonde hair girl covering her face with hands

Picture this: You are back in grade 6 and you and your friend are playing a classic game of hide and go seek. I am hiding in her small, cozy house and naturally, I hide in the shower. Because where else do I hide? Anyways, as I am in her bathtub with the curtain closed I hear someone walk in. I stay quite of course as to not lose the game, however, after a few seconds I hear the bathroom door close. Then I hear someone walk up to the toilet. And then I listen as someone is about to unzip their pants to use the washroom. You can see how this all came to realization for me as a 6th grader. I didn’t realize until this moment that this was not my friend looking for me! Panicked (naturally), I contemplated ‘Do I tell them I’m in here? Should I just not say anything?’. I quickly in this moment, however, decided to utter out “Um, I’m in here” and was responded by an “Oh” and a laugh. I can just imagine the reaction of hearing your daughter’s young friend mumble from behind a curtain- how funny and odd that must have been. Anyhow to make matters worse it ended up being her dad that walked in! Talk about awkward.

That’s how the cookie crumbles

A baking sheet of fresh chocolate chip cookies, the center cookie crumbling apart

Ah, this story. My boyfriend’s mom is going to read this and just laugh. Anyhow, I have been currently dating my boyfriend, Liam,  for a year and 4 months now and I can happily say that I love his family. But the first time I met his dad we were all downstairs on 2 couches talking. His mom had made a batch of cookies and they offered me one, and of course, I said yes. But you know that feeling when you think you’ll be fine to eat food without a drink and then you feel like you might choke on it because you underestimated the severity of the situation? This is exactly what was happening to me, except I didn’t choke on the cookie. (FYI the cookie was great it was not dry at all I just apparently don’t know how to eat cookies without the feeling of dying) Instead I awkwardly just held the cookie in my hand during the entire conversation and without noticing, the cookie had entirely crumbled in my hand and was getting on my pants and my shirt. Halfway through the talk his mom, half laughing, asked Liam to get a napkin and take the cookie from me. Not only did his parents probably think I hated their home baking but their family still teases me about this to this day.

A haunted house and a little girl

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I am telling this one but here goes. My boyfriend and I, for our one year anniversary, decided to go to Mackinac Island to celebrate,(for those unfamiliar with this place, it is a great tourist destination in Northern Michigan and my BF had never been there). It was a cute day. We rented a tandem bike and biked all around the island and then ate lunch on the beach that he had made for us! He’s too sweet. This story is kind of a two-in-one embarrassment because while riding the bike, which by the way neither one of us had ever ridden a tandem before, I thought he was steering us towards a beaten up path with an entrance through the ditch. Naturally, I screamed at him very loudly and everyone passing by stared at us. He was in fact actually just making a bit of a sharp turn. I think he felt the second-hand embarrassment because he was not very impressed with me at this moment, LOL.

Part 2

But aside from that part of the trip, we had passed by the famous Mackinac Island haunted house a couple times and since he knows I don’t like haunted houses he didn’t bug me to go in it. But I could tell he wanted to and I felt bad, so I decided we should go in. We paid for our tickets and walked into the house but at the first turn, I suddenly realized I had to walk into a dark place where people are intentionally meant to scare me. Now I know what you’re thinking, and for anyone who is familiar with the Mackinac Island haunted house, a baby could go through it and not be scared. But although I knew children could go through it and it wouldn’t be THAT bad, I was still being a huge baby. Tears started coming down my face and my boyfriend started to feel really bad saying phrases like “I am so sorry, you didn’t have to come in, I didn’t realize you would be this scared”. He went up to the guy we paid and said “can we get a refund my girlfriend’s really scared”, in which the man laughing replied, “C’mon, tell her to suck it up, little kids go through this!” My boyfriend came back to me and said he could insist we need to leave, but half laughing and crying I said “he’s right! I have to go through, little kids have gone through this!” But the story doesn’t end here. I was still too scared. Thus, we waited for someone else to come along so that we could follow behind them. Low and behold a small girl, she must have been in like grade 1, came by and saw me. She asked my boyfriend “Is she scared?” and offered to be my guide. She took me by the hand and took me through the entire thing- she even knew which doors to lead me through so I wouldn’t be jump-scared. Oh, and did I mention she had already gone through it 3 times? Talk about embarrassing. Still, thank you to that little girl you are my savior. Also, I made my boyfriend swear to secrecy on this story but now I guess its on the internet for the entire world to read. PS, thank you, Liam, for still loving me even though I cry when I go through children’s haunted houses, you are truly the best.

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